Jolan tru, citizen of the Empire.

Welcome aboard the Imperial Romulan Vessel Imperiax! Much has happened recently within the Empire that affects us all. Romulus and Remus have been destroyed and we currently have no Praetor to lead us. The realms within our borders are in a state of chaos with people from all sides vying for power. It is a turbulent time indeed.

While for most of us our homeworld is now lost, it is important that we continue to hold onto the ideals and philosophies that have made the Empire strong for so many centuries.

In the wake of our most desperate hour, the Romulan Guard has recommissioned some of their older and partially damaged starships for immediate use. They have also recalled all available and retired military personnel to be deployed on these vessels immediately. Order must be maintained.

It is a difficult time for anyone with Romulan blood in their veins but rest assured, that this is not the end of the Empire. We are Romulan. We will prevail. We will rise from the ashes of our fallen comrades and become much stronger and more feared than ever before.

The IRV Imperiax has been assigned to Task Force 93 which operates within a vast area of Romulan Space but also encompasses a portion of the diminished Romulan Neutral Zone and Federation Space. The sim currently takes place in the year 2388 which is nine years after Star Trek Nemesis.

Here at the Imperiax, we value quality over quantity. If you're interested in trying out something new, have the time at your disposal, want to be part of some engaging and thrilling stories, and most importantly, if you like everything that you've read about the ship so far, then why not give a Romulan ship a chance? Join us on the Imperiax today!

Current Mission: Revealing Truths

Subcommander Dhael has received a cryptic message from an old contact within the reunification movement, indicating that he knows the truth of what really happened at Hobus. Ever-wanting to know this truth, Volus allows Dhael to meet with this contact while the Imperiax maintains a hidden position away from the rendez-vous. During the meeting, Dhael realizes that not everyone wants the truth to come out.

Latest News Items

» A Little Late, But Cool Nonetheless!

Posted on 19 Jan 2016 @ 8:07pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol in General News

Hey everyone! Just a little something to share with you all today. While it might be a little late as I was never informed about this, the Imperiax was awarded the Sim of the Month of Task Force 93 for the month of November! Woohoo! Good job guys. This is what they had to say about us:

Task Force 93 Simulation of the Month - IRV Imperiax, Astraeus Group
In November 2012, the IRV Imperiax debarked T'Rehu Station on its maiden voyage after being reactivated on an impossible schedule by a ragtag crew following the Hobus disaster. Of the six writers that authored that first Flight of the Imperiax, four of them are still writing on the sim three years later. This is a testament to J.P., the Commanding Officer of the Imperiax, and the crew, all of whom have come together to tell a story that has spanned the modern canon of Task Force 93. Their task has not been easy: they're telling the story of an alien sim; they've had to deal with many shifts in leadership and even an abrupt shift in the canon; and they've had to do it all behind the closed borders of the Empire, often left to their own devices. Yet, even through all these challenges, they've succeeded and thrived. It is thus only fitting that, on the third anniversary of the completion of its first mission, I nominate the IRV Imperiax as the Task Force 93 Sim of the Month.

As always, I'm very proud that we have lasted this long and there's still alot of cool things planned, especially for this year. There's a new site design that will be coming first and foremost and with that I might be creating some kind of achievement system that I'd love to have your input on! That will be coming soon.

Thanks again to everyone for making the Imperiax fun. There aren't many alien sims out there. I think we're pretty much the only pure alien sim in Bravo Fleet currently. Keep it going. The best is still to come!

J.P. / Commander Volus

» Moving On To 2016!

Posted on 29 Dec 2015 @ 4:50pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol in General News

Hello everyone!

I hope that everyone has had some nice Christmas holidays. Unfortunately all things must come to an end though. With the holidays coming to a close, that means that we need to get writing again! I'm currently involved in a number of posts, two of which are going to be moving the mission forward. They are nearly complete. So look out for those soon.

If everything goes well I'd like to try and finish this mission in the next 3-4 months. I know that we can do it, but this means that everyone is going to have to work hard on getting to those TAGs. We should be answering them every 2-3 days (especially now that the holidays are over).

Going forward, everyone will need to have contributed in at least one post per month whether it's in a solo post or a joint post. I'm not asking for much. I just want to know that you want to be here and by writing you are showing me this. If you feel that you can't achieve this whether it's because you just don't know what to write about or you just can't do it then you need to talk with us and let us know so that we can figure things out.

2016 marks Star Trek's 50th anniversary. Let's make this a really good year for the Imperiax!

Jolan tru!

J.P. / Commander Volus

» Christmas Holidays!

Posted on 14 Dec 2015 @ 3:36pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol in General News

Hello everyone! Happy holidays!

So, things have really slowed up in the last few weeks. I think that it's pretty normal at this time of year as people are busy with real life. That's completely okay. I myself have been busy with a number of things. I have a university astronomy assignment due tomorrow (that I'm not very confident about), and I'll also be doing some shopping and cooking this week. Oh, and it's Karen's (Dhael) birthday on Wednesday too. Lots to do. So with all of that in mind, for the next two weeks, don't worry too much about posting. Do it if you can. If you have time. That would be great. Don't feel obliged to do it though if you have other stuff going on although I do expect people to resume posting after Christmas has passed.

I hope that everyone has some super holidays with lots of Trekkie gifts. If you did get some Trek-themed gifts let us know in the OOC post. :D Be safe everyone!

J.P. / Commander Volus

» A Few Things!

Posted on 02 Nov 2015 @ 8:53pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol in General News

Jolan tru everyone! Just a few small bits and pieces to share with you today.

Firstly, I've awarded our player of the month award for October to Varuh (played by Michael)! His optimism, his desire to do posts and work with others is very nice to see and have. He's been a cornerstone for this simm since he joined three years ago. In October, he worked hard on a number of posts and I know that he has some fun stuff planned for the weeks to come. Congrats Varuh!

On a completely separate note, if you haven't heard the news yet, it appears as if Star Trek will be returning to TV in January 2017! This *could* have implications for us in the long run depending on what they do however until we know more there's not a whole lot that we can do other than keep writing. The crux of the problem is whether or not the new series will take place in the Prime Timeline, as well as if Romulus and Remus are destroyed. Whatever the case may be, we'll just have to figure things out once we have more information. Still, it's good news nonetheless and I'm hoping we'll get another great series.

J.P. / Commander Volus

» The Imperiax Won An Award!

Posted on 29 Oct 2015 @ 10:18am by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol in Sim Announcement

Good morning everyone!

It's not very often that I get to share some good news with all of you. Today is such a day where I can. The Imperiax has been recognized by the makers of Nova (the content management system that is used on this site as well as many others) and we've been given an award.

Behold! The 'Outstanding Presentation' Award.

I do find it somewhat ironic that we won this award now of all times. If only because I've been planning to work on a new skin to freshen this place up a bit. We've had this one for three years and I think it's time for an upgrade in our look. That is still planned although it'll probably come to fruition only in the coming weeks.

So anyways. Yay! I'm happy someone has noticed us.

Keep up the good work everyone.

J.P. / Commander Volus

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» The Worst Case Scenario

Mission: Revealing Truths
Posted on 01 Feb 2016 @ 8:34am by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Centurion Lyirru tr'Illialhae & Decurion Rhhaein i-Iuruth & Lieutenant Valkis tr'Tellus

Much to Kaol's dismay, Dhael did not appear to have anything to discuss since coming aboard his vessel. It was a shame. While finding her on Trelleb V was a welcome surprise in a way, her presence complicated matters. He had no interest in harming her but if she was…

» Morning Duties

Mission: Revealing Truths
Posted on 17 Jan 2016 @ 11:57am by Sublieutenant Varuh tr'Krell & Decurion Tomak s'Herol

"The Chief's in!" s'Herol hollered, when Varuh entered Singularity control. Varuh still felt uncomfortable to be regarded as "the chief", but this was like things were. He was in the leading position now.

"Good morning, team." he adressed the awaiting controllers.

"Good morning, Sir." the assembled Crew members greeted him.…

» Deserter, Drone, Or Divine Sign?

Mission: Revealing Truths
Posted on 12 Jan 2016 @ 2:04pm by Lieutenant Valkis tr'Tellus & Sublieutenant Rejik tr'Nansalaem

As the Commander had decided to give Rejik a second chance, Valkis was still not sure if he could trust the former Borg drone. He thought it would be best to get some first-hand information. And he was willing not to leave before all his questions would be answered sufficiently.…

» An Unexpected Meeting In A Strange Place

Mission: Revealing Truths
Posted on 06 Jan 2016 @ 10:58pm by Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka

As she powered down the shuttle, Dhael looked out at the terrain of Trelleb V. She had landed in the middle of the abandoned mining colony and she shivered as she looked out on the desolation. The buildings were derelict, shutters on the windows hanging off and flapping in the…

» The Imperiax Arrives, Dhael Departs

Mission: Revealing Truths
Posted on 03 Jan 2016 @ 2:06pm by Commander Volus tr'Keirheol & Subcommander Dhael t'Anaka & Centurion Lyirru tr'Illialhae & Decurion Rhhaein i-Iuruth

Imperiax moved slowly towards the planet Trelleb II. Lyirru watched as the planet grew larger on the view screen. He wouldn't openly admit it, but sitting in the command chair once again gave him a nostalgic feeling of when he commanded his own ship during the war. The nostalgia soon…